Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Post!

Fabulous sketch of the week ...

Nicolas P. Villarreal - full time Visual Development Faculty.


  1. Nice drawing of the Young Walt.

    Did you see the rare photo of a young Walt (c. 1930 at the Hyperion Studio) posted on Cartoon Brew the other day ? --

    By the way, I also notice that young Walt's Los Feliz hills home is currently on the market (for only $3.6 million) . The Disney's lived in that home from 1932 - 1950, arguably Walt's most creative period in animation.

    Own a piece of history:

    or at least it's nice to look at the pictures and dream about it.

  2. Also, got to love this photo of the young Walt Disney in Paris, France with his trusty Bell & Howell "Filmo" 16mm movie camera.

    (click link to see photo) -

    Photo of Walt Disney, Paris, c. mid - to - late 1930's


  3. Awesome! This is going straight on my wall at work! :D